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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Order Form Instructions


 Price Lists For All Custom Tailored Garments and Habits

TELEPHONE CALLS: All your specifics and details about habits and garments can be MOST easily and quickly discussed in a 5-10 minute LIVE TELEPHONE CALL instead of email which takes far too long in hours, days, or weeks of email traffic responses. We prefer telephone calls for new, initial inquiries.

TO PLACE AN ORDER FROM US, please carefully follow ALL instructions, fill-out and complete our Monastery Garments Order Form at

We Do Not Make Contracts Over the Phone, Please Do Not Try. 
Read and Follow All On The Order Form Contract, parts 1 and 2.

"Prices subject to change without notice. We give volume discounts. No tax."

7am - Midnight, Pacific Time

Call: (415) 412-6685

Please review complete information at

COLOR CATALOG Please send $5 check or money order (US currency) to:

Paul Bernardino

P.O. Box 7284
San Francisco, California 95061


If we receive your payment within 2 days from the day we quote the prices to you by TELEPHONE ONLY (no 2 day discounts by email), we will apply a discount amount, depending on how many garments / habits you order and total price.

To expedite a 2 Day discount, (call us first for details) so you can send your payment via:

A) Bank - direct deposit from your bank to our account at Bank of America in San Francisco, California USA.

B) Bank - wire transfer, call us for our domestic or international Routing #.

C) Western Union or call (800) 325-6000.

D) Overnight or 2 Day Express via FedEx Federal Express (800) 463-3339.


To order anything from us you MUST fill out and complete our ENTIRE Monastery Garments Order Form at then mail it to us either U.S. Mail, Priority Mail, or Express Mail. To avoid delays of days or weeks, please follow ALL instructions, and write or type clearly. Thank You.


** If you do not see in our websites what you are looking for in choir robe use, you are welcome to submit a simple line diagram of choir robe etc and email it to me soon. Then I can quote you a price and volume discount; And please state if you want pleated or unpleated; And we can work out a package deal that can suite your church or monastery budget.


We need all your measurements and info written on our Order Form -- We do NOT make or sell anything in "One Size Fits All". Please write all your measurements on our Order Form, then mail it (or scan and email it) to us w/ Check or Money Order (do not write a two-party check or money order), payable ONLY to "Paul Bernardino".


Please TELEPHONE us first for price quotes and rush order rates, and to get our unpublished workshop address to send it.

TELEPHONE CALLS are the fastest way to initially contact us, not email.

We Do Not Make Contracts By Phone, Please Do Not Try. State all Your Info On Our Order Form.

We Do Not Make Any Garments In "One Size Fits"; We Do Only Custom Tailored Garments.

We do not make modern style clothes such as jackets, pants, shirts etc.

We Do Not Accept Credit Cards or PayPal.


Please review complete information at
Call: (415) 412-6685 from 7am - Midnight, Pacific Time

Color Catalog: Please send $5 check or money order (US currency only) payable to:
Paul Bernardino
P.O. Box 475-333 | San Francisco, California 94147-5333 U.S.A.

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