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Monks Habits | Friars Habits

H1 Cistercian (Trappist) Monks
in full habit

H2 Trappist monk in tunic and scapular w/ standard pointed hood.
This monk is not wearing the hooded cuculla / cowl

H3 Trappist Monks in Chapter room in full habits, including the hooded cuculla / cowl

H4 Cistercian Monks of the Common Observance in tunic & hooded scapular

H5 Benedictine novice monks in tunic & hooded scapular
The are not wearing the cuculla

H6 Cistercian Monks of the Common Observance; Priest in full habit with hooded cuculla hearing novice's confession

H7 Greek Orthodox monks of Meteora
Monks at upper left in inner raso/Anteri/cassocks w/leather belts
The rest of the monks are in full habit including outer raso/exoraso, kamelavkion hat with epanokamelavkion hood/veil

H8 Thomas Merton (center) with his scholastics -professed choir monks at Gethsemene Abbey
In full habit including hooded cuculla / cowl.
Sleeves 20" wide and hang down about 12" below the wrist; same style as most Benedictine Orders.

H9 Cistercian monks of the Common Observance in Chapter House in a French Abbey

H10 Benedictine monks in a French abbey

H11 Benedictine monks in a French abbey

H12 Benedictine monks in a French abbey, assisting priests at morning private Masses
 Pre-Vatican II

H13 Benedictine monk in a French abbey

H14 Benedictine Abbot receiving and clothing a postulant as a novice during a postulant clothing/ reception ceremony

H15 Benedictine Monks in full habit in a French abbey 

H16 Trappist choir monk in full habit in a French abbey

H17 Benedictine monks in full habit, Easter Sunday procession in a French abbey Pre-Vatican II

H18 Cistercian Monks of the Strict Observance (Trappist), entering abbey church behind an abbot. 
 Lay brothers in dark brown habits in right foreground 
 French abbey Pre-Vatican II

Carthusian monks in refectory in a French Charterhouse    

Carthusian monk in choir 
at Divine Office, extra wide scapular, extra large pointed hood on scapular   

Greek Orthodox priests in black inner rasa cassocks and outer exoraso / Anteri
w/ 3O" wide sleeves, raised collar. 
 We do not make the Greek or Russian style kamelavkion hats or skouphos hats 

Monastic male/female hooded cucullas

Monastic male/female hooded cucullas

Monastic male/female hooded cucullas

Monastic male/female hooded cucullas

Papal visit to Cluny Benedictine Abbey in 12th century; Pope Urban II, former abbot of Cluny Abbey; Pope consecrates Cluny Abbey Church & High Altar

St. Symeon, Stylite

St. Symeon, Stylite

Carthusian Monks

St. Bruno, Founder of the Carthusian Order

La Grande Chartreuse, France, Carthusian motherhouse

Cistercian Monks in library/scriptorium w/ St. Bernard

Augustinian Friars, 
Franciscan Friars, OSB Monks