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At Monastery Garments we make and sell traditional Monks, Friars, and Nuns habits: 
Dominican, Benedictine, Carmelite, Franciscan, Cistercian, including Monastic and Medieval styled capes, etc.

We also make traditional monastic and clerical garments and habits of the Eastern Orthodox Church and Byzantine Rites, including Eastern and Western Church vestments.

Our work also includes custom design and tailoring and selling Patristic Era, Early Church, Early Medieval, and Early Renaissance style liturgical vestments and monastic habits of the Roman Rite and Anglican Rite.

We can tailor and customize to your specifications, and may be able to serve your special ceremonies, choral projects, school and choir events and concerts & children's events etc...
We welcome your inquiries.

If you do not see in our websites what you are looking for in choir robe use, you are welcome to submit a simple line diagram of choir robe etc. and email it to me soon. Then I can quote you a price and volume discount; And please state if you want pleated or un-pleated; And we can work out a package deal that can suite your church or monastery budget.

Our color catalog is designed and available for people with no Internet access.
For a color catalog, send $5 check or money order (U.S. currency) payable to:
Paul Bernardino
P.O. Box 7284
Santa Cruz, CA
95061  U.S.A. 

Please call (415) 412-6685 - 8am to Midnight Pacific Time.

Paul Bernardino

Monastery Garments

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