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Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Apparitions Of The Virgin Mary With The Holy Family In Egypt In 1968

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The Encyclopedia Of Para Psychological And Psychical Research  by Arthur S. Berger, J.D. and Joyce Berger, M.A.,1991


An ancient tradition of the Coptic Orthodox Church holds that it is at Zeitoun, a suburb of Alexandria, now Cairo, where the Holy Family, Jesus, Mary and Joseph fled from the wrath of Herod in Judea to a safe haven house at Zeitoun; It was on that spot that the Coptic Orthodox Church has built and maintained various churches and shrines down through the centuries; This is the same sacred spot, now crowned by a majestic cathedral, where the mysterious apparitions thought by some to be that of the Holy Family had taken place from 1968 till 1971.

 (Right after the apparitions, strong traces of uranium were detected on the roof of the Coptic Orthodox cathedral where these strange, illumine cent sightings had taken place, reported to the press and shown and witnessed by millions on live Egyptian TV.)

(Many books and pamphlets have been written about this; Some of these apparitions at Zeitoun, Egypt were broadcast live on Egyptian state TV and viewed by millions over weeks  but disavowed by the Vatican; Possibly because mostly Muslims and Gamal Abdel Nasser, the President of Egypt and his staff were among the first, on site, first hand and not Roman Catholics and thus these apparitions had some political and military ramifications for this event and for that strategic military/political region; Was the Virgin Mary and Holy Family, in a very public manner, trying to tell us something about the evils and tyranny of war and the folly of war for oil?)


Claims of appearances of the Virgin Mary have been recorded in several countries. But "probably the greatest of all Marian visitations" (Rogo, 1982) began in Cairo, Egypt, on April 2, 1968 when two Muslim workers (And soon after, the President of Egypt with his staff also witnessed this, who soon after the first Apparition had it all televised LIVE on Egyptian TV-seen by millions, mostly Muslim viewers; Because this was seen by mostly non-Catholics and non-Christians; This may be the reason why the Vatican, ever since then, refuses to recognize this as an authentic Marian apparition) noticed what they thought to be a nun in white standing near the dome of St. Mary's Church (Coptic Orthodox Cathedral) of Zeitoun, a shabby district of Cairo.

 The church was part of the Coptic Orthodox Church, a church in the midst of Muslim Egypt, had been converted to Roman Catholicism. During the months of April and May, the radiant figure materialized out of light over the dome of the church and again and again and again was visible in front of the dome, over it, walking on the roof of the church, including its body to salute the onlookers, and even making blessing signs with its hands.

 Frequently, the Apparition would remain in view for hours at a time and then would de materialize. An Aura surrounded it and glittering lights resembling flying birds appeared near the church dome before the figure materialized or while it was in view. The crowds who came to see what was now believed to be the Virgin Mary filled the streets around the (Cathedral) Church One estimate placed the number on April 6 alone at 100,000. Photographs of professional quality of the figure(s) were taken. (There were three glowing, incandescent figures witnessed by the crowds) Numerous manifestations went on through 1968. In 1969 the figure(s) appeared only a dozen times. There were a few appearances in 1970, and by 1971 they had
stopped altogether.

There were hundreds of thousands of witnesses, both Christian and Muslim, to the event.(Coincidentally near the start of the Egyptian and Israeli war of 1967) The duration of the phenomenon was extraordinary: It lasted almost three years.. The figure(s) was seen near or on the church for hours at a time, It was accompanied by bird-like flashes of light. There is overwhelming photographic and testimonial evidence in support of the phenomenon. And whereas in other countries where Mary's apparitions have been claimed the majority of the population is Roman Catholic, the visions in Zeitoun, Cairo took place in a predominantly Muslim country and the first witnesses were Muslims. Religious influence, therefore, cannot have accounted for what transpired.

This spectacular event is of enormous interest to parapsychology as an evidential case. There is ample reason to think that the apparition was seen by people numbering in the hundreds of thousands (Also seen live by millions on Egyptian TV for weeks) The impressive photographs taken of the figure(s) suggest an authentic phenomenon.

St. Mary's Church (Coptic Cathedral) was erected in 1925 as a result of a dream in which the Virgin Mary requested its construction (Similar to many other requests and commands by the Blessed Virgin at Guadeloupe, Fatima, Lourdes, etc just before the outbreak of a major war, revolution of social / cultural development or mass conversion) She was supposed to have appeared in a latter dream in which she promised to return to the church. One theory (Rogo, 1982) is that the appearances were thought-forms physically objectified by crowds who knew of her promise and of the fact that, after Herod commanded all male infants to be killed, Mary fled with Joseph and Jesus to Egypt and, specifically, to Zeitoun. (Part of Alexandria at the time) Whatever the merits of the theory, what happened at Cairo is such a startling paranormal phenomenon that it warrants the closest study.

Google: "Apparitions of the Virgin Mary in Egypt" to see a free one hour documentary video on this

See also Saint Mary, page 257


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