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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Father Zossimma/ Dismas, Contemplative Orthodox Monk & Priest For Our Time

Revised 10/4/11

A Tribute To Archimandrite Great Schema Monk Priest Zossima, Born Dec.23, 1943-Died Aug.16, 2011
Father Zossimma is bured at Colma Cematary, just south of San Francisco

Fr. Zossima was born in Seattle, Washington of Roman Catholic parents on December 23, 1943 and baptized Anthony Corde

Father Zossima was widely celebrated as a trailblazing urban monk/priest; He succeeded in bringing the beautiful, ancient, deep mysticism and spirituality of the Desert Fathers to a very difficult and worldly urban, inner city environment; He blazed a trail for other urban monastics and clergy to follow-in a high path upward to perpetual prayer and contemplation, via daily prayer,spiritual reading, mental prayer, Divine Offices, Liturgy, icon painting and ink drawings.

Paula Richardson, in San Francisco, is deeply committed to preserving and eventually exhibiting Father's very extensive collection of sacred iconographic works: paint on wood, ink drawings on paper and canvas, paint on canvas etc.These are icons of Christ, the Holy Theotokos-Virgin Mary, angels and saints of the Orthodox and Latin Churches.

Paula and I will let you know via email and my twitter of any future art and icon exhibit of Father Zossima's deeply inspiring art works.

To be continued in late November with excerpts of his great monastic and spiritual writings.

Please review complete information at
Call: (415) 412-6685 from 7am - Midnight PST, 7 Days A Week

Printed Color Catalog: Please send $5 check or money order (US currency) payable to:
Paul Bernardino
P.O. Box 475-333 San Francisco, California 94147-5333 U.S.A.