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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Meteora, A Place of Monastic Asceticism, Solitude, Brotherhood and Contemplation

Meyeora, Greece, a stronghold of the Orthodox East ever since the 11th century, is a wonderful creation of the Most High. It is a rock forest which rises from the Thessalian plain near Kalabaka, between the Koziakas and Antichasia mountains, where obedience is practiced, the will is disciplined, faith is forged and character is formed. With fasting and prayer as their weapons and using the means of the will, obedience and poverty, the monks and nuns of Meteora have been for hundreds of years now guardians and keepers of our historical,spiritual and global consciousness for social equality, love and universal brotherhood, with whom have also been cultivated the sacred letters and arts of Orthodox Hellenism.

Thus this magnificent rocky pinnacled landscape became with the passage of time a spiritual oasis and powerful magnet for thousands of ascetics (monks & nuns) who found there spiritual exaltation and ineffable peace, feeling heaven but a wing's beat away and thus driving out sin, and the distructive materialism of the world with the practice of mental prayer,Liturgy, celestial silence and solitude

The thousand and more sheer and soaring rocks with their mysterious harmong, their remoteness and silence, crowned with their age-old stone and wooden monasteries and hermitages, create in the visotor/pilgrim a silent ecstasy and lead him to the Lord and the Saints above-to the Creator of the vaults and arches of heaven.

At the same time, this astonishing burst of stark rocks of Meteora, six monasteries still function today:
Monastery of The Transfiguration of Christ (The Great Meteora)
Monastery of Varlaam
Monastery of the Holy Trinity
Monastery of St. Stephen, the Protomartyr
Monastery of Rousanou
Monastery of St. Nicholas Anapafsas

The remaining 15 monasteries are unfornunatly uninhabited and  in ruins.
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